Save 60% as Pioneer Client

Because I am just launching Remedium Solutions, I am looking for a few “Pioneer” clients.  In exchange for your willingness to jump into this with me, I will provide services for 60% off my normal rates.

Who Should Consider Becoming a Pioneer Client?

  • Organizations that highly value the relational and emotional health of their people but are unsure of its current state and want to assess and nurture it

  • Organizations that suspect they have some unhealthy elements but are not sure where to look or what to do

  • Organizations that know they have a serious problem with morale, performance, teamwork, engagement, conflict, recruiting and keeping good people, etc

  • Organizations that are preparing for (or currently experiencing) some type of organizational stressor - such as new leadership, a change management process, a merger, downsizing, a critical project, a vision casting or culture development initiative, etc

A few clarifications and things I would ask for in exchange for the Pioneer Discount

  • The discount applies to any of the service packages described in the “How I Can Help You” section


  • The discount would be limited to a group of 20-25 employees

  • Your organization would allow me to write a published case study (names of individuals withheld)

  • You would help me assess the ROI of my services to your organization

  • You would provide a LinkedIn endorsement

  • You would make 3-5 referrals to people you know who might be interested in Remedium Solutions

Please get in touch!

If you’d like to talk more about the Pioneer Discount, I’d look forward to talking with you

Scott Maurer, Founder and President


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