I have an eclectic background that has uniquely prepared me to diagnose, repair, and optimize the relational and emotional health of your organization's people - that means increased productivity and lower costs

I love helping organizations heal and thrive.  It’s the way I think. 

I’ve done this ever since my first entry level professional job in my early 20's.  I was observing problems in the deepest bowels of the company and asked my manager if I could conduct a study that would help him understand our business unit’s challenges.  I interviewed each employee to determine the dependencies they had upon other departments.  Then I created a survey with which they could review how well the other departments were serving them.  Finally, I analyzed the results and presented them to the head of the business unit.  He found the insights helpful and was able to respond to its findings with some deliberate action steps.  I loved it!

Over the past 30 years, I have had a wide range of experiences that have provided me with the skills I need to help organizations heal and thrive.  Though my business consulting is non-religious in approach, it does draw on my knowledge of people (from 10,000+ hours of counseling and coaching experience with individuals, couples, and groups) and of relationship systems dynamics (from leading churches), combined with 15 years of secular business experience, and doctoral studies covering secular leadership, followership, team theory, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, change management, and other aspects of individual and group psychology.

Businesses and churches have some similarities and some differences.  Each has a transactional dynamic consisting of the tasks and goals that individuals and teams must achieve.  Each also has a family dynamic consisting of the interpersonal relationships among the people.  In a church, the family dynamic is the main thing – as it should be.  But if the transactional elements are overlooked, the church will struggle to organize volunteers, care for the building, or manage its finances.  In a business, the transactional dynamic is the main thing – as it should be.  But if the family dynamic is overlooked in a business, the organization becomes like an engine with no oil.  Eventually, it breaks down.  This is why a former pastor with business experience is the ideal consultant to help businesses address family dynamics in order to keep most of their focus on the transactional.

At this stage of my life, I have a good understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.  I am a synthesizer and a pioneer.  This means I learn from everybody, yet I also conduct my own research and form my own insights.  I synthesize everything into this unique system for the benefit of your organization.

Here some more details about how my background has equipped me to help your organization...

Academic Education

I have excelled in academic work and this enables me to combine the best academic work with real life experience for a practical application that works.

  • MA International Affairs and Business – focused on how organizations work well and how they fail (e.g. interdepartmental rivalries, communication failures, cultural differences, leadership principles).  Learned to collect and analyze data to inform policy decisions.  International and domestic economics taught me the financial realities organizations face.  Business marketing taught me how to identify real customer needs and provide solutions.  I also learned much about other countries and cultures.

  • Doctor of Ministry – focused on the relationship between individual and group psychology, including family systems (group dynamics), transformational leadership, followership, teamwork, and conflict resolution.  This included secular and Christian psychology research and modalities.  Some of my research involved the creation and application of personal development tools which are evaluated for effectiveness using before and after assessments.  This involved modern academic doctoral level psychological research methods, including design and testing of assessment tools, analysis of findings, theory formation, literature reviews.  Received the “Dissertation with Distinction” award.

  • MA Theology – the study of theology, comparative religion, philosophy, and ethical systems taught me about the diversity of perspectives within groups of people and how personal spirituality and ethics affect an individual’s health and behavior.  Pastoral counseling paved the way for my counseling and coaching work. 

Work Experience

My work experience has been widely varied.  This has provided me with insights into the workings of many types of organizations at all levels.


  • Business - I have worked in blue collar and white collar jobs, from entry level to middle management to executive level.  I had the opportunity to work in entrepreneurial and established companies from very small local companies to large international firms.  Over my 15 years in the business world, I worked in technical operations, customer service, sales, product management, business development, and major account management.  This wide variety of perspectives has helped me understand the dynamics of leading, following and teamwork.  It has allowed me to observe common patterns and dynamics of various types of organizations.  I am a member of the Human Resources Leadership Forum, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, and the International Center for Enterprise Engagement.

  • Leading Churches - I have worked in large and small churches.  Most of my 15 years in ministry has been spent as a head pastor.  This experience has refined my understanding of family dynamics and my leadership skills.  Church leadership is particularly challenging because the people one leads do not have to be there or listen to you – they must be persuaded to listen, trust, and act.  Emotional intelligence is essential.  This has also developed my public speaking and communication skills, curriculum preparation and teaching abilities, and conflict resolution and counseling experience.

  • Counseling Ministry - Over the years, I have conducted over 10,000 hours of counseling.  I currently run a non-profit ministry called New Day Help Center (www.newdayhelp.org) that provides free individual and family counseling to at-risk communities and equips churches to create similar ministries.  My experience includes marital and family counseling, trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety, self-abuse, anger management, conflict resolution, personality dysfunction, and various types of psychosis.  The needs of those I help range in severity from providing general life coaching to healing of severe mental illness.  I have trained many others to help people with mental health issues using my own curriculum.  I am a member of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry, the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, the American Association of Christian Counselors, and the Society for Christian Psychology.

Community Service

I believe it is important to be generous with the skills, abilities, and blessings I have been given.  One way I do this is through volunteer community service.  I currently volunteer with the following organizations:

  • US Department of Health and Human Services’ Faith and Mental Health Advisory Group

  • Fairfax County Police Chaplain 

  • Alexandria Gang Prevention Task Force
  • Alexandria Community Health Services Organization
  • Alexandria Mayoral Clergy Council 

  • Alexandria Police-Clergy Fellowship

  • New Life Advocacy Council

  • Christian Benevolence Association

  • OneHeartDC Movement

A Little More About My Life...
  • Multicultural experience - I have had the privilege of living a very multicultural life.  My parents divorced when I was a young boy and I divided my time between my father's house (in a predominantly black neighborhood) and my mother's (in a predominantly white neighborhood).  My father is Jewish and my mother is Christian.  I have traveled to many countries of the world and lived in Argentina.

  • Healing journey - Over the course of my life, I have dealt with some of my own dysfunction and recovery.  This gives me deep empathy and understanding for people who need healing and personal growth and a desire to help people overcome and thrive.

  • Personal - I am married with two adult children.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know me. 

I’d like to get to know you also, so please get in touch

Scott Maurer, Founder and President




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